Thursday, July 21

My first table makeover!

My first table makeover is about to be revealed!  I was so excited when I found this sad, ucky brown table, that was crying to be loved.  I brought it home to my garage and gave it a quick sanding and bath of kilz

My wonderful and amazing cousin, Alyssa, suggested a very pretty, sea mist gray with a hint of lavender called, "Bay Fog",  for a fresh new look.  Well, unfortunately, my local Walmart does not carry the Kilz line of paint anymore (How dare they!)  However, I did find a wonderful, new, 2-in-1 paint by the Glidden Brilliance Collection, which I absolutely love.  The color is called, "Amethyst Haze".  While the 2nd coat was drying, a moth landed right on top of the table!  It left tracks and got stuck which was really gross!  I set it free, and the next day, I had to do some sanding.  Well, that sour experience gave me a wonderful lemonade idea.  I ended up sanding all over and now the new gal looks like a shabby chic gem! 
Her name, "Ooh La La Lavender By the Sea."

I had so much fun with my first makeover and I am looking forward to doing more.


  1. It came out awesome!!! I love the color and the table accents! Oh you've been stung by the gdub for some grub-love it!!!! I cant eait to see you're next project! I'm guest posting you as soon as I can! Not sure how do to it yet but it will be fun!xo aly

  2. Love the table!! Great job! :)

  3. Looks so pretty! I love the music on your blog! Refinishing is fun, isn't it?!

  4. Okay twin bee, start posting your awesome work!


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