Friday, July 1

Gram's bistro chairs get a makeover!

My mom's pine green bistro chairs have been looking pretty sad lately...tattered and a bit rusty.  I believe she acquired these over 10 years ago,  hand-me-downs from someone whose name shall not be mentioned for security reasons (ah hem...big brother from FL.)
These are screaming for some TLC!
After a wire brush aggressively attacked them, my niece kindly rescued and comforted them with the base Rustoleum primer and then I finished up with the final coats of Rustoleum color of Gram's choice.
Voila!  A new bistro set  minus the table---not exactly sure how to salvage Mater with the glass top just yet.

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  1. I love it! I could enjoy a nice iced tea and an apple walnut chicken salad at her bistro. Very nice job! Mater-lol!


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