Thursday, November 28


We celebrate this holiday traditionally with family and food, helping less fortunate, giving thanks, etc... but let's not forget the history that started Thanksgiving to being with.  We thought it would be neat to make these simple sugar cookies after our school lessons about Plymouth Rock.  Any roll out sugar cookie dough works, or perhaps just chocolate.  Add some food coloring to the dough to get the desired stone color.  We used the rainbow for a purplish brown tint.  Roll into egg shapes, flatten a bit, and use a toothpick to punch the date.  Bake and voila.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, August 29

Back To School = Back to Work

By back to work, I mean, back to Home School.  Our dining room table is now loaded with fun supplies:  writing pencils, colored pencils, markers, paper, spirals, journals, and jelly beans.  Yes!
Jelly Beans! Who wouldn't love a sweet treat to eat after solving a math problem?  (Black Licorice are surprisingly a favorite here.)  Sometimes we use a bunch of colorful dice for random sums.  

Have fun with school.
Just roll with it!

Wednesday, July 3

Oh My Stars!

Blueberry stars that is!  These blueberries are from my local market and they are just awesome. Incredibly huge. Ginormous!  Is that even a word?
Well, it should be. 

I don't ever recall picking blueberries this size--in my life.

When I was a kid, we picked wild blueberries in New Hampshire after climbing Mt. Major.  In MA, I remember how I had to climb under nets (that kept the birds away) just to get near my Grandpa while he picked the berries which happily ended up in Nana's jam.  I have a dilemma.  Do I make my Nana's muffins?  Or shall I try my own hand at scones?  Or perhaps a jam to store away for my baby bee?  I have a feeling that I won't have my mind made up and these are going, going, gone.
Enjoy The Blue Stars This July